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How to Enable SSH Access on Cisco Routers?

What is SSH? For the longest time, Telnet was the most common network protocol used to give remote access to network devices. But, the problem with Telnet is that it does not encrypt the...

Convert an IP Address from Decimal to Binary Form

Knowing how to convert decimal to binary is an important task of understanding how IP addressing and Subnetting work. As a network engineer it is importent to know how to assign an IP, or...

Configure Hostnames and IP Addresses

In this post, we will learn how to configure hostnames and IP addresses through the command-line interface (CLI). Configuring Switch Hostname Switch>enable Switch#config t Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. Switch(config)#Hostname...

What are The Types of Networks?

Not all networks are the same. Network infrastructures can very in terms of size of the area, number of devices connected, what kind of services are available, and the area is covers.

How Do We Connect to The Internet? 

There are many ways to connect devices to the internet. Home networks, and small offices normally require connection through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to connect to the worldwide web.

What is a network and what is a network made up of??

Among all of the essentials for human existence, the need to interact with others has become a need in our daily life. Communicating with one another has become a essential need. In today’s society,...